Friday, January 4, 2013

Lets Talk Tools

And not the ones that order a Mojito in December in a crowded bar.  This was supposed to be finished by Christmas but got delayed due to work and family stuff.  The majority of these items can be found on Cocktail Kingdom.

The Basics
- A nice barspoon I like either the Teardrop 30cm or Hoffman 33.5cm - $18-23
- The Koriko small and large tin make a fantastic shaker - $17
-Any of the Hawthrone strainers from Cocktail Kingdom work well - $12-35
-The 1.25" ice cube trays work great for mixing or drinks on the rocks - $7
- I'm a big fan of the clear OXO jiggers, not on Cocktail Kingdom but Amazon, Target and nicer groceries have them
- A Mexican juicer is much easier than hand juicing - $17
- This is a nice starter package for someone just getting into Cocktails 

Next Step
-The Yarai or Paddle Mixing glass are my favorites - $39-53
-A Lewis Bag for crushing ice for mint juleps - $4
-A Julep strainer to go with that nice mixing glass - $11-25

Lots of other great tools out there but this is more than enough to get started with.  Most people probably don't need an ice pick let alone an ice chainsaw.

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