Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old Fashioned

I saw my first Old Fashioned when I was about 8.  My Grandparents used to drink them regularly but they were always a mess of muddled orange, cherry, sugar, and club soda.  Unfortunately many bars still make their Old Fashioned this way.  I am here to help you make a decent Old Fashion.

So here's what you'll need: Bourbon or Rye whiskey (I'm using Buffalo Trace), rich simple syrup (2:1), angostura bitters, ice, mixing glass, jigger, hawthrowne/julep strainer, rocks glass and a bar spoon.  Optional items include: club soda and orange/lemon (and vegetable peeler) for garnish.

Old Fashioned
-2oz Rye or Bourbon
-0.25oz Simple Syrup
-3 dashes Angostura
-Stir over ice in mixing glass, and strain into chilled rocks glass

- Up to 0.5oz club soda (I don't care for it)
-Feel free to garnish with the peel of a lemon or orange
- If using ice opt for an ice ball or big cube

Now doesn't that look better. I went with an ice ball and an orange peel for this one.  Cheers! 

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